SwitchMe is a unique application for root users that allows you to log in and out of multiple installations of Android just as you would on a desktop computer, with each profile having its own separate system settings, apps and data.

Just some of the benefits of this technology:

  • Privacy - securely share one device among many users
  • Gaming – overclock your profile for maximum performance
  • Speed - no kids games, messengers or bloatware at a touch
  • Testing - easily test applications and themes in a sandbox
  • Battery - switch to a profile which only contains the essentials

Usage warning:
Its critical to understand that incorrect use of this application can potentially harm your device. Before proceeding the use we highly recommend that you perform a full nandroid backup through the device recovery.

If you want to get expert help from thousands of other users, come visit the XDA Developers thread here: http://goo.gl/n9NVy

Without the Key, this application allows a maximum of 2 profiles and no security features.

Only the standard Android implementation of Apps2SD is currently supported.

Most devices with stock rooted ROMs and ROMs based on official builds should be compatible as long as they have enough free internal memory to create secondary profiles. The application will warn users if available memory is low.

Stay tuned for new features, and please rate the application by pressing the star button on the main screen - good ratings help us improve and expand functionality!